[Tutorial] Fizz Poro King, Recommended Items | Masteries | Runes | Summoner Spells | Ability - (Mode Poro)

Champion Info (Fizz lane poro )

Fizz Fizz Stats

Attack: 58.04

Defense: 4

Magic: 7

Difficulty: 6

Health: 570

Move Speed: 335

Armor: 22.412

Range: 175

Health Regen: 8

Critical Strike: 0

Attack Speed: 0.658


the Tidal Trickster

Assassin Assassin Fighter Fighter

Fizz poro lane


  • Tier: A
  • Win: 58.54%
  • Pick: 7.51%
  • Games: 30580
  • KDA: 2.99
  • Score: 60.11

Fizz is an amphibious yordle, who dwells among the reefs surrounding Bilgewater. He often retrieves and returns the tithes cast into the sea by superstitious captains, but even the saltiest of sailors know better than to cross him—for many are the tales of those who have underestimated this slippery character. Often mistaken for some manner of capricious ocean spirit, he seems able to command the beasts of the deep, and delights in confounding his allies and enemies alike.

Fizz Tips (Ally)

  • Since Fizz can move through units, find opportunities in lane to walk through minions and apply Seastone Trident's passive - following it up with the ability's active attack after a few seconds.
  • Fizz's ultimate ability, Chum the Waters, can be aimed at an enemy or towards the area where you think they'll be going.
  • Fizz's spells scale off Ability Power - consider getting items like Zhonya's Hourglass or Banshee's Veil against teams that have high burst threat - and items like Lich Bane or Rabadon's Deathcap if you think you can survive without the Health.

Fizz Tips (Enemy)

  • Fizz's attacks becomes more deadly for a few seconds after he uses his empowered attack - keep him away while his trident is glowing!
  • Fizz is a slippery target when his abilities are not on cooldown - bait him into using them early and follow up with crowd control or hard-hitting attacks!

Summoner Spells

To the King! To the King!

Consumable: 0

Cooldown: 10

Range: 200

Quickly travel to the Poro King's side.

Poro Toss Poro Toss

Consumable: 0

Cooldown: 20

Range: 2500

Toss a Poro at your enemies. If it hits, you can quickly travel to your target as a follow up.

Fizz Masteries

Hitting a champion with 3 separate attacks or abilities within 3s deals bonus adaptive damage.

Damage: 30 - 180 (+0.4 bonus AD, +0.25 AP) damage.

Cooldown: 25 - 20s

'We called them the Thunderlords, for to speak of their lightning was to invite disaster.'
Sudden Impact
After exiting stealth or using a dash, leap, blink, or teleport, dealing any damage to a champion grants you 7 Lethality and 6 Magic Penetration for 5s.

Cooldown: 4s
Eyeball Collection
Collect eyeballs for champion takedowns. Gain an adaptive bonus of 1.2 Attack Damage or 2 Ability Power, per eyeball collected.

Upon completing your collection at 10 eyeballs, additionally gain an adaptive bonus of 6 Attack Damage, or 10 Ability Power.

Collect 1 eyeball per champion takedown.
Ravenous Hunter
Heal for a percentage of the damage dealt by your abilities.
Healing: 1.5% + 2.5% per Bounty Hunter stack.

Bounty Hunter stacks are earned the first time you get a takedown on each enemy champion.

Healing reduced to one third for Area of Effect abilities.
Takedowns restore 12% of your missing health and grant an additional 20 gold.

'The most dangerous game brings the greatest glory.'
—Noxian Reckoner
Coup de Grace
Deal 8% more damage to champions who have less than 40% health.
+9 Adaptive Force
+9 Adaptive Force
+15-90 Health (based on level)

Fizz Starting Items (PROBUILD)

Health Potion Health Potion

BUY: 50

SELL: 20

Limited to 5 at one time. Limited to 1 type of Healing Potion.

Click to Consume: Restores 150 Health over 15 seconds.

Fizz Recommended Items (PROBUILD)

Lich Bane Lich Bane

BUY: 3200

SELL: 2240

+80 Ability Power
+7% Movement Speed
+10% Cooldown Reduction
+250 Mana

UNIQUE Passive - Spellblade: After using an ability, the next basic attack deals 75% Base Attack Damage (+50% of Ability Power) bonus magic damage on hit (1.5 second cooldown).
Hextech Protobelt-01 Hextech Protobelt-01

BUY: 2500

SELL: 1750

+300 Health
+60 Ability Power
+10% Cooldown Reduction

UNIQUE Active - Fire Bolt: Dash forward and unleash a nova of fire bolts that deal 75 - 150 (+25% of your Ability Power) as magic damage (40 second cooldown, shared with other Hextech items).

Champions and Monsters hit by multiple fire bolts take 10% damage per additional bolt.

(This dash cannot pass through terrain.)
Sorcerer's Shoes Sorcerer's Shoes

BUY: 1100

SELL: 770

Limited to 1 pair of boots.

+18 Magic Penetration

UNIQUE Passive - Enhanced Movement: +45 Movement Speed
Luden's Echo Luden's Echo

BUY: 3200

SELL: 2240

+90 Ability Power
+600 Mana
+10% Cooldown Reduction

UNIQUE Passive - Haste: This item gains an additional 10% Cooldown Reduction.
UNIQUE Passive - Echo: Gain charges upon moving or casting. At 100 charges, the next damaging spell hit expends all charges to deal 100 (+10% of Ability Power) bonus magic damage to up to 4 targets on hit.
Zhonya's Hourglass Zhonya's Hourglass

BUY: 2900

SELL: 2030

+75 Ability Power
+45 Armor
+10% Cooldown Reduction

UNIQUE Active - Stasis: Champion becomes invulnerable and untargetable for 2.5 seconds, but is unable to move, attack, cast spells, or use items during this time (120 second cooldown).
Rabadon's Deathcap Rabadon's Deathcap

BUY: 3600

SELL: 2520

+120 Ability Power

UNIQUE Passive: Increases Ability Power by 40%.
Super Spicy Snax Super Spicy Snax

BUY: 0


Active - Feed The King: The King breathes fire for 4 seconds, dealing 705-1479 true damage over the duration to enemies caught in the cone. Deals up to 560 true damage to Turrets. (120s cooldown)
Elixir of Sorcery Elixir of Sorcery

BUY: 500

SELL: 200

Level 9 required to purchase.

Click to Consume: Grants +50 Ability Power, 15 bonus Mana Regen per 5 seconds and Sorcery for 3 minutes.

Sorcery: Damaging a champion or turret deals 25 bonus True Damage. This effect has a 5 second cooldown versus champions but no cooldown versus turrets.

(Only one Elixir effect may be active at a time.)

Fizz Active Abilities

Nimble Fighter Nimble Fighter

Fizz can move through units and takes a flat amount of reduced damage from all sources

Urchin Strike Urchin Strike

Cooldown: 8/7.5/7/6.5/6

Consumable: 50

Range: 550

Fizz dashes through his target, dealing magic damage and applying on hit effects.

Seastone Trident Seastone Trident

Cooldown: 7/6.5/6/5.5/5

Consumable: 30/40/50/60/70

Range: 600

Fizz's attacks bleed his enemies, dealing magic damage over several seconds. Fizz can empower his next attack to deal bonus damage and empower his further attacks for a short time.

Playful / Trickster Playful / Trickster

Cooldown: 16/14.5/13/11.5/10

Consumable: 90/95/100/105/110

Range: 400

Fizz hops into the air, landing gracefully upon his spear and becoming untargetable. From this position, Fizz can either slam the ground or choose to jump again before smashing back down.

Chum the Waters Chum the Waters

Cooldown: 100/85/70

Consumable: 100

Range: 1300

Fizz tosses a fish in a direction that attaches to any champion that touches it, slowing the target. After a short delay, a shark erupts from the ground, knocking up the target and knocking any nearby enemies aside. All enemies hit are dealt magic damage and slowed.


Fizz default
Atlantean Fizz
Tundra Fizz
Fisherman Fizz
Void Fizz
Cottontail Fizz
Super Galaxy Fizz
Omega Squad Fizz
Fuzz Fizz
Fuzz Fizz Prestige Edition

Fizz Counters (Over 50% win rate)

Nimble Fighter Yuumi lane - poro

the Magical Cat

Nimble Fighter Braum lane - poro

the Heart of the Freljord

Nimble Fighter Twitch lane - poro

the Plague Rat

Nimble Fighter Vayne lane - poro

the Night Hunter

Nimble Fighter Xerath lane - poro

the Magus Ascendant

Nimble Fighter Aphelios lane - poro

the Weapon of the Faithful

Nimble Fighter Aurelion Sol lane - poro

The Star Forger

Nimble Fighter Azir lane - poro

the Emperor of the Sands

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the Frost Archer

Nimble Fighter Ezreal lane - poro

the Prodigal Explorer

Nimble Fighter Nidalee lane - poro

the Bestial Huntress

Nimble Fighter Corki lane - poro

the Daring Bombardier

Nimble Fighter Pyke lane - poro

the Bloodharbor Ripper

Nimble Fighter Zilean lane - poro

the Chronokeeper

Nimble Fighter Draven lane - poro

the Glorious Executioner

Nimble Fighter Kindred lane - poro

The Eternal Hunters

Nimble Fighter Tristana lane - poro

the Yordle Gunner

Nimble Fighter Camille lane - poro

the Steel Shadow

Nimble Fighter Senna lane - poro

the Redeemer

Nimble Fighter Tahm Kench lane - poro

the River King

Nimble Fighter Lucian lane - poro

the Purifier

Nimble Fighter Jinx lane - poro

the Loose Cannon

Nimble Fighter Taliyah lane - poro

the Stoneweaver

Nimble Fighter Elise lane - poro

the Spider Queen

Nimble Fighter Zoe lane - poro

the Aspect of Twilight

Nimble Fighter Evelynn lane - poro

Agony's Embrace

Nimble Fighter Lulu lane - poro

the Fae Sorceress

Nimble Fighter Kassadin lane - poro

the Void Walker

Nimble Fighter Jayce lane - poro

the Defender of Tomorrow

Nimble Fighter Sona lane - poro

Maven of the Strings

Nimble Fighter Kog'Maw lane - poro

the Mouth of the Abyss

Nimble Fighter Rammus lane - poro

the Armordillo

Nimble Fighter Veigar lane - poro

the Tiny Master of Evil

Nimble Fighter Bard lane - poro

the Wandering Caretaker

Nimble Fighter Lux lane - poro

the Lady of Luminosity

Nimble Fighter Annie lane - poro

the Dark Child

Nimble Fighter LeBlanc lane - poro

the Deceiver

Nimble Fighter Caitlyn lane - poro

the Sheriff of Piltover

Nimble Fighter Anivia lane - poro

the Cryophoenix

Nimble Fighter Twisted Fate lane - poro

the Card Master

Nimble Fighter Yasuo lane - poro

the Unforgiven

Nimble Fighter Nocturne lane - poro

the Eternal Nightmare

Nimble Fighter Kha'Zix lane - poro

the Voidreaver

Nimble Fighter Janna lane - poro

the Storm's Fury

Nimble Fighter Thresh lane - poro

the Chain Warden

Nimble Fighter Zed lane - poro

the Master of Shadows

Nimble Fighter Morgana lane - poro

the Fallen

Nimble Fighter Quinn lane - poro

Demacia's Wings

Nimble Fighter Vel'Koz lane - poro

the Eye of the Void

Nimble Fighter Sivir lane - poro

the Battle Mistress

Nimble Fighter Kai'Sa lane - poro

Daughter of the Void

Nimble Fighter Gnar lane - poro

the Missing Link

Nimble Fighter Varus lane - poro

the Arrow of Retribution

Nimble Fighter Poppy lane - poro

Keeper of the Hammer

Nimble Fighter Jax lane - poro

Grandmaster at Arms

Nimble Fighter Xayah lane - poro

the Rebel

Nimble Fighter Blitzcrank lane - poro

the Great Steam Golem

Nimble Fighter Taric lane - poro

the Shield of Valoran

Nimble Fighter Soraka lane - poro

the Starchild

Nimble Fighter Aatrox lane - poro

the Darkin Blade

Nimble Fighter Ziggs lane - poro

the Hexplosives Expert

Nimble Fighter Miss Fortune lane - poro

the Bounty Hunter

Nimble Fighter Gragas lane - poro

the Rabble Rouser

Nimble Fighter Akali lane - poro

the Rogue Assassin

Nimble Fighter Gangplank lane - poro

the Saltwater Scourge

Nimble Fighter Brand lane - poro

the Burning Vengeance

Nimble Fighter Nunu & Willump lane - poro

the Boy and His Yeti

Nimble Fighter Master Yi lane - poro

the Wuju Bladesman

Nimble Fighter Sejuani lane - poro

Fury of the North

Nimble Fighter Nami lane - poro

the Tidecaller

Nimble Fighter Orianna lane - poro

the Lady of Clockwork

Nimble Fighter Jhin lane - poro

the Virtuoso

Nimble Fighter Skarner lane - poro

the Crystal Vanguard

Nimble Fighter Ahri lane - poro

the Nine-Tailed Fox

Nimble Fighter Pantheon lane - poro

the Unbreakable Spear

Nimble Fighter Heimerdinger lane - poro

the Revered Inventor

Nimble Fighter Irelia lane - poro

the Blade Dancer

Nimble Fighter Illaoi lane - poro

the Kraken Priestess

Nimble Fighter Rek'Sai lane - poro

the Void Burrower

Nimble Fighter Kalista lane - poro

the Spear of Vengeance

Nimble Fighter Rumble lane - poro

the Mechanized Menace

Nimble Fighter Syndra lane - poro

the Dark Sovereign

Nimble Fighter Lee Sin lane - poro

the Blind Monk

Nimble Fighter Viktor lane - poro

the Machine Herald

Nimble Fighter Cassiopeia lane - poro

the Serpent's Embrace

Nimble Fighter Xin Zhao lane - poro

the Seneschal of Demacia

Nimble Fighter Leona lane - poro

the Radiant Dawn

Nimble Fighter Sylas lane - poro

the Unshackled

Nimble Fighter Kayle lane - poro

the Righteous

Nimble Fighter Kayn lane - poro

the Shadow Reaper

Nimble Fighter Karma lane - poro

the Enlightened One

Nimble Fighter Ryze lane - poro

the Rune Mage

Nimble Fighter Kennen lane - poro

the Heart of the Tempest

Nimble Fighter Tryndamere lane - poro

the Barbarian King

Nimble Fighter Olaf lane - poro

the Berserker

Nimble Fighter Ekko lane - poro

the Boy Who Shattered Time

Nimble Fighter Ivern lane - poro

the Green Father

Nimble Fighter Swain lane - poro

the Noxian Grand General

Nimble Fighter Malzahar lane - poro

the Prophet of the Void

Nimble Fighter Zyra lane - poro

Rise of the Thorns

Nimble Fighter Nasus lane - poro

the Curator of the Sands

Nimble Fighter Katarina lane - poro

the Sinister Blade

Nimble Fighter Zac lane - poro

the Secret Weapon

Nimble Fighter Dr. Mundo lane - poro

the Madman of Zaun

Nimble Fighter Mordekaiser lane - poro

the Iron Revenant

Nimble Fighter Malphite lane - poro

Shard of the Monolith

Nimble Fighter Riven lane - poro

the Exile

Nimble Fighter Hecarim lane - poro

the Shadow of War

Nimble Fighter Amumu lane - poro

the Sad Mummy

Nimble Fighter Rengar lane - poro

the Pridestalker

Nimble Fighter Neeko lane - poro

the Curious Chameleon

Nimble Fighter Qiyana lane - poro

Empress of the Elements

Nimble Fighter Cho'Gath lane - poro

the Terror of the Void

Nimble Fighter Vi lane - poro

the Piltover Enforcer

Nimble Fighter Trundle lane - poro

the Troll King

Nimble Fighter Shen lane - poro

the Eye of Twilight

Nimble Fighter Darius lane - poro

the Hand of Noxus