[Tutorial Patch 12.9] Soraka Support, Recommended Items | Masteries | Runes | Summoner Spells | Ability - (Mode 5V5)

Champion Info (Soraka support 5v5 patch 12.9)

Soraka Soraka Stats

Attack: 50

Defense: 5

Magic: 7

Difficulty: 3

Health: 535

Move Speed: 325

Armor: 32

Range: 550

Health Regen: 2.5

Critical Strike: 0

Attack Speed: 0.625


the Starchild

Support Support Mage Mage

Soraka 5v5 support


  • Tier: A
  • Win Rate: 51.63%
  • Role Rate: 90.61%
  • Pick Rate: 6.56%
  • Ban Rate: 4.02%
  • Games: 55537
  • KDA: 2.71
  • Score: 65.52

A wanderer from the celestial dimensions beyond Mount Targon, Soraka gave up her immortality to protect the mortal races from their own more violent instincts. She endeavors to spread the virtues of compassion and mercy to everyone she meets—even healing those who would wish harm upon her. And, for all Soraka has seen of this world's struggles, she still believes the people of Runeterra have yet to reach their full potential.

Soraka Tips (Ally)

  • Soraka is a powerful ally in battle, using her strong healing to keep the party moving forward.
  • You can use Wish on your allies from across the map to save them from otherwise fatal events.
  • Equinox can be used as a powerful zoning tool to keep enemies at bay.

Soraka Tips (Enemy)

  • Focus on attacking Soraka when she ever ventures to the frontline to heal her allies.
  • Take advantage of Soraka's long cooldown on Equinox if she uses it to harass.
  • It's easier to focus Soraka than the ally she is healing.

Summoner Spells

Flash Flash

Consumable: 0

Cooldown: 300

Range: 425

Teleports your champion a short distance toward your cursor's location.

Exhaust Exhaust

Consumable: 0

Cooldown: 210

Range: 650

Exhausts target enemy champion, reducing their Move Speed by 30%, and their damage dealt by 40% for 3 seconds.

Soraka Masteries

Summon Aery
Damaging enemy champions with basic attacks or abilities sends Aery to them, dealing 10 - 40 based on level (+0.1 AP) (+0.15 bonus AD).

Empower or protecting allies with abilities sends Aery to them, shielding them for 35 - 80 based on level (+0.25 AP) (+0.4 bonus AD).

Aery cannot be sent out again until she returns to you.
Manaflow Band
Hitting an enemy champion with an ability permanently increases your maximum mana by 25, up to 250 mana.

After reaching 250 bonus mana, restore 1% of your missing mana every 5 seconds.

Cooldown: 15 seconds
Gain bonuses upon reaching the following levels:
Level 5: +5 Ability Haste
Level 8: +5 Ability Haste
Level 11: On Champion takedown, reduce the remaining cooldown of basic abilities by 20%.
Your next damaging ability hit sets champions on fire dealing 15 - 35 bonus magic damage based on level after 1s.

Cooldown: 10s
Bone Plating
After taking damage from an enemy champion, the next 3 spells or attacks you receive from them deal 30-60 less damage.

Duration: 1.5s
Cooldown: 45s
Gain 5% Heal and Shield Power.

Heals and shields you cast or receive are 10% stronger on targets below 40% health.
+9 Adaptive Force
+9 Adaptive Force
+6 Armor

Soraka Starting Items (PROBUILD)

Spellthief's Edge Spellthief's Edge

BUY: 400

SELL: 160

8 Ability Power
10 Health
50% Base Mana Regen
2 Gold Per 10 Seconds

  • Tribute: While nearby an ally champion, damaging Abilities and Attacks against champions or buildings grant 20 gold. This can occur up to 3 times every 30 seconds.
  • Quest: Earn 500 gold from this item to transform it into Frostfang, gaining Active - Warding.

    This item grants reduced gold from minions if you kill excessive numbers of them.
  • Health Potion Health Potion

    BUY: 50

    SELL: 20

    Active - Consume: Drink the potion to restore 150 Health over 15 seconds.

    You may carry up to 5 Health Potions.

    Stealth Ward Stealth Ward

    BUY: 0

    SELL: 0

    Active - Trinket: Place a Stealth Ward on the ground that lasts between 90 - 120 seconds, is Invisible to enemies but grants your team vision of the surrounding area. Stores up to 2 Stealth Wards, generating a new Ward every 240 - 120 seconds.

    Soraka Recommended Items (PROBUILD)

    Ionian Boots of Lucidity Ionian Boots of Lucidity

    BUY: 950

    SELL: 665

    20 Ability Haste
    45 Move Speed

  • Gain 12 Summoner Spell Haste.

    ''This item is dedicated in honor of Ionia's victory over Noxus in the Rematch for the Southern Provinces on 10 December, 20 CLE.'
  • Moonstone Renewer Moonstone Renewer

    BUY: 2500

    SELL: 1750

    40 Ability Power
    200 Health
    20 Ability Haste
    100% Base Mana Regen

  • Starlit Grace: When affecting champions with Attacks or Abilities in combat, restore 70 Health to the most wounded nearby ally (2s cooldown). Each second spent in combat with champions increases your Heal and Shield Power by 7% (stacking up to 5 times).

    Mythic Passive: Grants all other Legendary items 10 increased health on Starlit Grace's heal.

  • Ardent Censer Ardent Censer

    BUY: 2300

    SELL: 1610

    60 Ability Power
    10% Heal and Shield Power
    100% Base Mana Regen

  • Sanctify: Healing or Shielding another ally enhances you both for 6 seconds, granting your Attacks 10% - 30% (based on ally level) Attack Speed and 5 - 20 (based on ally level) magic damage On-Hit.

    Strength of level-scaling effects are based on the ally's level.
  • Redemption Redemption

    BUY: 2300

    SELL: 1610

    20% Heal and Shield Power
    200 Health
    15 Ability Haste
    100% Base Mana Regen

    Active - Intervention: Target an area within 5500 range. After 2.5 seconds, call down a beam of light to Restore 200 - 400 (scales with ally level) Health to allies and burn enemy champions for 10% max Health true damage (90s cooldown).

    Item can be activated whilst dead. Damage and healing reduced by 50% if the target has recently been affected by another Intervention. Strength of level-scaling effects are based on the ally's level.

    Chemtech Putrifier Chemtech Putrifier

    BUY: 2300

    SELL: 1610

    55 Ability Power
    20 Ability Haste
    100% Base Mana Regen

  • Puffcap Toxin: Dealing magic damage applies 40% Grievous Wounds to champions for 3 seconds. Healing or shielding another ally will enhance both of you, causing the next damage to enemy champions to apply 60% Grievous Wounds.

    Grievous Wounds reduces the effectiveness of Healing and Regeneration effects on the target.
  • Shard of True Ice Shard of True Ice

    BUY: 400

    SELL: 160

    40 Ability Power
    75 Health
    100% Base Mana Regen
    3 Gold Per 10 Seconds

    Active - Ward: Place a Stealth Ward on the ground that is Invisible to enemies but grants your team vision of the surrounding area. Stores up to 0 Stealth Wards, which refill upon visiting the shop.

    Active - Ward: Place a Stealth Ward on the ground that is Invisible to enemies but grants your team vision of the surrounding area. Stores up to 4 Stealth Wards, which refill upon visiting the shop.

    Oracle Lens Oracle Lens

    BUY: 0

    SELL: 0

    Active - Trinket: Scans around you, warning against hidden enemy units, revealing invisible traps and revealing (and temporarily disabling) enemy Stealth Wards for 10 seconds (90 - 60s cooldown).
    Elixir of Iron Elixir of Iron

    BUY: 500

    SELL: 200

    Active - Consume: Drink to gain 300 Health, 25% Tenacity, and increased champion size for 3 minutes. While active, moving leaves a path behind that boosts allied champions' Move Speed by 15%.

    Drinking a different Elixir will replace the existing one's effects.

    Soraka Active Abilities

    Salvation Salvation

    Soraka runs faster towards nearby low health allies.

    Starcall Starcall

    Cooldown: 8/7/6/5/4

    Consumable: 45/50/55/60/65

    Range: 810

    A star falls from the sky at the target location dealing magic damage and slowing enemies. If an enemy champion is hit by Starcall, Soraka recovers Health.

    Astral Infusion Astral Infusion

    Cooldown: 6/5/4/3/2

    Consumable: 40/45/50/55/60

    Range: 550

    Soraka sacrifices a portion of her own health to heal another friendly champion.

    Equinox Equinox

    Cooldown: 20/19/18/17/16

    Consumable: 70/75/80/85/90

    Range: 925

    Creates a zone at a location that silences all enemies inside. When the zone expires, all enemies still inside are rooted.

    Wish Wish

    Cooldown: 160/145/130

    Consumable: 100

    Range: 25000

    Soraka fills her allies with hope, instantly restoring health to herself and all friendly champions.

    Soraka SKINS

    Soraka default
    Dryad Soraka
    Divine Soraka
    Celestine Soraka
    Reaper Soraka
    Order of the Banana Soraka
    Program Soraka
    Star Guardian Soraka
    Pajama Guardian Soraka
    Winter Wonder Soraka
    Dawnbringer Soraka
    Nightbringer Soraka
    Star Guardian Soraka Prestige Edition
    Cafe Cuties Soraka

    Soraka Counters (Over 50% win rate)

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    Daughter of the Void

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    the Glorious Executioner

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    the Battle Mistress

    Salvation Seraphine adc - 5v5

    the Starry-Eyed Songstress

    Salvation Pyke support - 5v5

    the Bloodharbor Ripper

    Salvation Nautilus support - 5v5

    the Titan of the Depths

    Salvation Zilean support - 5v5

    the Chronokeeper

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