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Champion Info (Nasus lane aram )

Nasus Nasus Stats

Attack: 67

Defense: 5

Magic: 6

Difficulty: 6

Health: 631

Move Speed: 350

Armor: 34

Range: 125

Health Regen: 9

Critical Strike: 0

Attack Speed: 0.638


the Curator of the Sands

Fighter Fighter Tank Tank

Nasus aram lane


  • Tier: D
  • Win: 46.94%
  • Pick: 3.34%
  • Games: 20255
  • KDA: 3.14
  • Score: 29.50

Nasus is an imposing, jackal-headed Ascended being from ancient Shurima, a heroic figure regarded as a demigod by the people of the desert. Fiercely intelligent, he was a guardian of knowledge and peerless strategist whose wisdom guided the ancient empire of Shurima to greatness for many centuries. After the fall of the empire, he went into self-imposed exile, becoming little more than a legend. Now that the ancient city of Shurima has risen once more, he has returned, determined to ensure it never falls again.

Nasus Tips (Ally)

  • Paying attention to last hitting with Siphoning Strike will have a large impact at the end of a game.
  • If you're solo, Spirit Fire is a great way to farm a lane. It can be bad if you're in a lane with 2 and you push too far. Find the right balance between Siphoning Strike last hits and AoE farming.
  • If you have low defenses, people will focus you down even during your ultimate. Try buying some survivability items even in your DPS builds.

Nasus Tips (Enemy)

  • While transformed by his ultimate, Nasus is stronger than most champions in the League. Engage him only if you have a clear advantage.
  • Max rank Wither is a very effective counter to Attack Damage characters, so try to avoid getting caught alone by it.
  • Nasus is prone to being kited. Try not to engage him at full Health.

Summoner Spells

Flash Flash

Consumable: 0

Cooldown: 300

Range: 425

Teleports your champion a short distance toward your cursor's location.

Mark Mark

Consumable: 0

Cooldown: 80

Range: 1600

Throw a snowball in a straight line at your enemies. If it hits an enemy, they become marked, granting True Sight, and your champion can quickly travel to the marked target as a follow up.

Nasus Masteries

Grasp of the Undying
Every 4s in combat, your next basic attack on a champion will:
  • Deal bonus magic damage equal to 3.5% of your max health
  • Heals you for 3 + 1.2% of your max health
  • Permanently increase your health by 7

  • Ranged Champions: Damage, healing, and permanent health gained reduced by 40%.
    Font of Life
    Impairing the movement of an enemy champion marks them for 4s.

    Ally champions who attack marked enemies heal for 5 + 0.9% of your max health over 2s.
    After 12 min gain +8 Armor and +8 Magic Resist and increase your bonus Armor and Magic Resist by 3%.
    Absorb life essence from monsters or enemy minions that die near you, permanently gaining 3 maximum health for every 8.

    When you've absorbed 120 monsters or enemy minions, gain an additional 3.5% maximum health.
    Takedowns restore 5% of your missing health, 2.5% of your max health, and grant an additional 20 gold.

    'The most dangerous game brings the greatest glory.'
    —Noxian Reckoner
    Legend: Tenacity
    Gain 5% tenacity plus an additional 1.5% for every Legend stack (max 10 stacks).

    Earn progress toward Legend stacks for every champion takedown, epic monster takedown, large monster kill, and minion kill.
    Ability Haste
    +8 Ability Haste
    Adaptive Force
    +9 Adaptive Force
    Health Scaling
    +10-180 Health (based on level)

    Nasus Starting Items (PROBUILD)

    Sheen Sheen

    BUY: 900

    SELL: 630

    10 Ability Haste

    After using an Ability, your next Attack is enhanced with additional damage.
    Long Sword Long Sword

    BUY: 350

    SELL: 245

    10 Attack Damage

    Health Potion Health Potion

    BUY: 50

    SELL: 20

    Active - Consume: Drink the potion to restore 120 Health over 15 seconds.

    You may carry up to 5 Health Potions.

    Nasus Recommended Items (PROBUILD)

    Trinity Force Trinity Force

    BUY: 3333

    SELL: 2333

    45 Attack Damage
    33% Attack Speed
    300 Health
    20 Ability Haste

    After using an Ability, your next Attack is enhanced with additional physical damage.

    Basic attacks grant Move Speed.

    Mercury's Treads Mercury's Treads

    BUY: 1100

    SELL: 770

    25 Magic Resist
    45 Move Speed
    30% Tenacity

    Tenacity reduces the duration of Stun, Slow, Taunt, Fear, Silence, Blind, Polymorph and Immobilizing effects. It has no effect on Airborne or Suppression.
    Liandry's Torment Liandry's Torment

    BUY: 3000

    SELL: 2100

    90 Ability Power
    300 Health

    Dealing damage with Abilities causes enemies to burn.

    For each second in combat with enemy champions, gain increased damage.
    Frozen Heart Frozen Heart

    BUY: 2400

    SELL: 1680

    70 Armor
    400 Mana
    20 Ability Haste

    Winter's Caress
    Reduce the Attack Speed of nearby enemies by 20%.

    Rock Solid
    Reduce incoming damage from Attacks by up to 0, capped at 0% of the Attack's damage.
    Spirit Visage Spirit Visage

    BUY: 2900

    SELL: 2030

    450 Health
    60 Magic Resist
    10 Ability Haste
    100% Base Health Regen

    Boundless Vitality
    Increases all Healing and Shielding effectiveness on you by 25%.
    Thornmail Thornmail

    BUY: 2700

    SELL: 1890

    350 Health
    70 Armor

    When struck by an Attack, deal damage to the attacker and apply 40% Grievous Wounds if they are a champion.

    Grievous Wounds reduces the effectiveness of Healing and Regeneration effects on the target.

    Elixir of Iron Elixir of Iron

    BUY: 500

    SELL: 200

    Active - Consume: Drink to gain 300 Health, 25% Tenacity, and increased champion size for 3 minutes. While active, moving leaves a path behind that boosts allied champions' Move Speed by 15%.

    Drinking a different Elixir will replace the existing one's effects.

    Nasus Active Abilities

    Soul Eater Soul Eater

    Nasus drains his foe's spiritual energy, giving him bonus Life Steal.

    Siphoning Strike Siphoning Strike

    Cooldown: 7.5/6.5/5.5/4.5/3.5

    Consumable: 20

    Range: 300

    Nasus strikes his foe, dealing damage and increasing the power of his future Siphoning Strikes if he slays his target.

    Wither Wither

    Cooldown: 15/14/13/12/11

    Consumable: 80

    Range: 700

    Nasus ages an enemy champion, decelerating their Move Speed and Attack Speed over time.

    Spirit Fire Spirit Fire

    Cooldown: 12

    Consumable: 70/85/100/115/130

    Range: 650

    Nasus unleashes a spirit flame at a location, dealing damage and reducing the Armor of enemies who stand on it.

    Fury of the Sands Fury of the Sands

    Cooldown: 120/100/80

    Consumable: 100

    Range: 20

    Nasus unleashes a mighty sandstorm that batters nearby enemies. While the storm rages, he gains increased Health, Attack Range, damages nearby enemies, has a reduced cooldown on Siphoning Strike, and gains bonus Armor and Magic Resistance.

    Nasus SKINS

    Nasus default
    Galactic Nasus
    Pharaoh Nasus
    Dreadknight Nasus
    Riot K-9 Nasus
    Infernal Nasus
    Archduke Nasus
    Worldbreaker Nasus
    Lunar Guardian Nasus
    Battlecast Nasus
    Space Groove Nasus
    Armored Titan Nasus
    Nightbringer Nasus

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