[Tutorial] Bel'Veth Jungle, Recommended Items | Masteries | Runes | Summoner Spells | Ability - (Mode 5V5)

Champion Info (Bel'Veth jungle 5v5 )

Bel'Veth Bel'Veth Stats

Attack: 60

Defense: 2

Magic: 7

Difficulty: 10

Health: 610

Move Speed: 340

Armor: 32

Range: 175

Health Regen: 6

Critical Strike: 0

Attack Speed: 0.85


  • Tier: S
  • Win: 53.26%
  • Role: 96.59%
  • Pick: 5.13%
  • Ban: 9.70%
  • Games: 41284
  • KDA: 2.50
  • Score: 67.07

A nightmarish empress created from the raw material of an entire devoured city, Bel'Veth is the end of Runeterra itself... and the beginning of a monstrous reality of her own design. Driven by epochs of repurposed history, knowledge, and memories from the world above, she voraciously feeds an ever-expanding need for new experiences and emotions, consuming all that crosses her path. Yet her wants could never be sated by only one world as she turns her hungry eyes toward the Void's old masters...

Bel'Veth Tips (Ally)

  • NA

Bel'Veth Tips (Enemy)

  • NA

Summoner Spells

Smite Smite

Consumable: 0

Cooldown: 15

Range: 500

Deals 600-1200 true damage to target monster.

Flash Flash

Consumable: 0

Cooldown: 300

Range: 425

Teleports your champion a short distance toward your cursor's location.

Bel'Veth Masteries

Basic attacks or spells that deal damage to an enemy champion grant 2 stacks of Conqueror for 5s, gaining 1.8-4 Adaptive Force per stack. Stacks up to 12 times. Ranged champions gain only 1 stack per basic attack.

When fully stacked, heal for 8% of the damage you deal to champions (5% for ranged champions).
Takedowns restore 5% of your missing health, 2.5% of your max health, and grant an additional 20 gold.

'The most dangerous game brings the greatest glory.'
—Noxian Reckoner
Legend: Alacrity
Gain 3% attack speed plus an additional 1.5% for every Legend stack (max 10 stacks).

Earn progress toward Legend stacks for every champion takedown, epic monster takedown, large monster kill, and minion kill.
Coup de Grace
Deal 8% more damage to champions who have less than 40% health.
Cosmic Insight
+18 Summoner Spell Haste
+10 Item Haste
Magical Footwear
You get free Slightly Magical Footwear at 12 min, but you cannot buy boots before then. For each takedown you acquire the boots 45s sooner.

Slightly Magical Footwear grants you an additional 10 Move Speed.
Attack Speed
+10% Attack Speed
Adaptive Force
+9 Adaptive Force
Health Scaling
+10-180 Health (based on level)

Bel'Veth Starting Items (PROBUILD)

Mosstomper Seedling Mosstomper Seedling

BUY: 450

SELL: 180

  • Jungle Companions: Summon a Mosstomper to assist you while in the jungle.
  • Mosstomper's Courage: When fully grown your companion grants a permanent shield that regenerates either after killing monsters or out of combat. While the shield holds gain 0% Tenacity and Slow Resist.
  • Health Potion Health Potion

    BUY: 50

    SELL: 20

    Active - Consume: Drink the potion to restore 120 Health over 15 seconds.

    You may carry up to 5 Health Potions.
    Stealth Ward Stealth Ward

    BUY: 0

    SELL: 0

    Active - Trinket: Places a Stealth Ward on the ground that is Invisible to enemies but grants your team vision of the surrounding area. Stores up to 2 Stealth Wards.

    Bel'Veth Recommended Items (PROBUILD)

    Kraken Slayer Kraken Slayer

    BUY: 3000

    SELL: 2100

    40 Attack Damage
    35% Attack Speed
    20% Critical Strike Chance

  • Bring It Down: Every third basic attack deals additional physical damage on-hit, increasing when hitting the same target repeatedly.
  • Plated Steelcaps Plated Steelcaps

    BUY: 1100

    SELL: 770

    20 Armor
    45 Move Speed

    Reduces incoming damage from Attacks by 12%.
    Blade of The Ruined King Blade of The Ruined King

    BUY: 3200

    SELL: 2240

    40 Attack Damage
    25% Attack Speed
    8% Life Steal

    Mist's Edge
    Attacks apply an additional enemy current Health physical damage On-Hit.

    Clawing Shadows (0s)
    Your first basic attack against a champion Slows them.
    Stridebreaker Stridebreaker

    BUY: 3300

    SELL: 2310

    50 Attack Damage
    30% Attack Speed
    450 Health

    Attacks deal {{ Item_Melee_Ranged_Split_Dynamic }} physical damage to nearby enemies.

    Dealing physical damage grants 20 Move Speed for 2 seconds.{{ Item_OnActivation }} {{ Item_Cooldown }}
    Breaking Shockwave
    Deal 0 phyiscal damage and Slow nearby enemies by 35% and gain 35% bonus Move Speed per champion hit that decays over 3 seconds. Can move while casting.
    Wit's End Wit's End

    BUY: 2800

    SELL: 1960

    55% Attack Speed
    50 Magic Resist
    20% Tenacity

    Attacks apply magic damage On-Hit.
    Terminus Terminus

    BUY: 3000

    SELL: 2100

    40 Attack Damage
    30% Attack Speed

    Attacks apply 30 magic damage On-Hit.

    Alternate between Light and Dark on-hits when attacking champions:
  • Light attacks grant 0 Armor and Magic Resist (up to 0) for 5s.
  • Dark attacks grant 6% Armor Penetration and Magic Penetration (up to 30%) for 5s.
  • Stealth Ward Stealth Ward

    BUY: 0

    SELL: 0

    Active - Trinket: Places a Stealth Ward on the ground that is Invisible to enemies but grants your team vision of the surrounding area. Stores up to 2 Stealth Wards.
    Elixir of Wrath Elixir of Wrath

    BUY: 500

    SELL: 200

    Active - Consume: Drink to gain 30 Attack Damage and 12% Physical Vamp (against champions) for 3 minutes.

    Drinking a different Elixir will replace the existing one's effects.

    Bel'Veth Active Abilities

    Death in Lavender Death in Lavender

    Bel'Veth gains permanent attack speed stacks after taking down large minions and monsters and champions. She also gains temporary bonus attack speed after using an ability.

    Void Surge Void Surge

    Cooldown: 1

    Consumable: 0

    Range: 450

    Bel'Veth dashes in a chosen direction and damages all enemies she passes through.

    Above and Below Above and Below

    Cooldown: 12/11/10/9/8

    Consumable: 0

    Range: 715

    Bel'Veth slams her tail to the ground, damaging, knocking up, and slowing her enemies.

    Royal Maelstrom Royal Maelstrom

    Cooldown: 20/19/18/17/16

    Consumable: 0

    Range: 500

    Bel'Veth roots herself in place, channeling a storm of slashes around her that targets the lowest-health enemy and grants her lifesteal and damage reduction.

    Endless Banquet Endless Banquet

    Cooldown: 1

    Consumable: 0

    Range: 275

    Bel'Veth consumes Void coral remnants, transforming into her true form and increasing her max health, attack range, attack speed, and out-of-combat move speed. Consuming the Void coral remnants of a Void epic monster will grant her a longer ultimate duration, as well as the power to summon Void remora.

    Bel'Veth SKINS

    Bel'Veth default
    Battle Boss Bel'Veth
    Cosmic Matriarch Bel'Veth

    Bel'Veth Counters (Over 50% win rate)

    Bel'Veth Countered By (Under 50% win rate)